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Where to Start

The question we get asked most often is "Where do I start?".  This is a very good question, and the very best way to answer this, and other quesitons, is to download our FREE EBOOK entitled "How to Get Started as a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant".  To get this FREE EBOOK, CLICK HERE.

We are also often asked which training materials we recommend starting with, so we have created the list below, which is our recommended order of study as you start and progress through your Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant training, and throughout your VBA career.  Links to the products have been provided to give you quick access to more information on each training tool.

We look forwared to working with you.


-The 713 Training Team


1. View the Bankruptcy Training Video CD Set (Note: the order of Step 1. And Step 2.can be switched)


2. Read the How to Start a VBA Service book and work through the workbook (printed / ebooks)


3. View the Introduction to PACER and Marketing VBA Services to Attorneys video CD


4. View the How to Conduct Online Deed and Land Records Searches video CD


5. Read, watch, and listen to the Chapter 13 Seminar Training Kit book, video CD and audio CD


6. Watch the Chapter 13 Training in Mortgage Cram Downs and Strip Downs video CD

wheretostart5.gif   7. Work through the cases on the Bankruptcy Petition Case Training Collection

8. Listen to the 4 Years of Teleconference Training, along the way (MP3 format)


We have most of our Ebooks on CD, including "How to Start a VBA Service", and some bonus books too!


Our training materials are available in Training Packages at significant discounts to save you money

wheretostart9.gif   Prove your bankruptcy petition preparation skills and easily get work from attorneys nationwide; become a Certified Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant. For more information visit www.VBACertification.com

If you’re not already a member of the  National Association of Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants  (NAVBA), visit www.NAVBA.org to learn about the great benefits, including discounts on purchases at 713Training.com, listing your services in the online directory, tech support, and more!


We also offer training in Loan Modification, with our foreclosure mediation line of training materials consisting of a foreclosure mediation workshop, foreclosure mediation book, and teleconference audios