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Quick-Start Bankruptcy Training Kit

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Product Description

***This listing is for our DOWNLOADABLE version of the training materials, if you want Physical materials sent to your home click this link https://www.713training.com/quick-start-bankruptcy-training-package-physical-materials/***


Before placing your order for the Quick-Start Bankruptcy Training kit, we recommend that you take a moment, and CLICK HERE to review all of the training kits available from 713Training.com, and evaluate all of your options for getting the most training for the money as possible.

The Quick-Start Bankruptcy Training Kit is designed to give you the core bankruptcy training and practical experience that you need to get up to speed quickly, and start earning money FAST.

This kit helps you quickly learn how to draft Chapter 7 bankruptcy petitions, which comprise about 70% of all bankruptcies filed, enabling you to start earning an income in a very short period of time, to earn your investment back, and fund further education (such as Chapter 13 training).

The kit price is offered at over $125 savings over purchasing the same items individually.

The Quick Start Bankruptcy Training Kit includes ALL of the following:

1. How to Start a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Service - NEW 6TH EDITION (E-Book)
    Get to know the VBA industry, how to do the work, how to start and market the service, sample attorney agreement, and more!

2. "How to Draft a Bankruptcy Petition" Training Videos (Complete 10 Video Training Package)
Over 9 hours of on-screen training SHOWS you how easy it is to draft a bankruptcy petition, with great tips along the way

3. Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Workbook (E-Book)
    Draft your first bankruptcy petition!  Do so by using the sample bankruptcy client documents provided in the workbook, and compare your work against the completed petition in the workbook

4. Bankruptcy Petition Case Training Collection
    Hone your skills, and DRAFT REAL BANKRUPTCY PETITIONS!  This product contains 10 REAL bankruptcy cases (some Chapter 7, some Chapter 13), that were actually filed with the court.  The real client intake forms are included for you to use to draft the petition, and compare your work against the actual case that was filed

5. How to Market a Virtual Bankruptcy Business (E-book)
    After learning how to draft a bankruptcy petition, learn how to market your services, and start earning money right away

Further Detail on each Item

1. How to Start a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Service - NEW 6TH EDITION (E-Book)

How to Start a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Service is the authoritative instruction manual of the virtual bankruptcy assistant field.  To create this new sixth edition, the book was completely revised, rewritten, and brand new material was added, so that it complies with the most updated information available.

This new SIXTH edition has been expanded to include the following new topics:

  • Words of wisdom from successful virtual bankruptcy assistants
  • Advice from attorneys who use virtual bankruptcy assistants in their law practice
  • A quick-start guide for starting a virtual bankruptcy assistant service
  • How to price your virtual bankruptcy assistant services properly in the beginning
  • Updated information for conducting online research, judgments, etc
  • Updated information regarding bankruptcy software programs
  • Mortgage cram down and strip down issues (BRAND NEW!)


  • The client intake interview process has completely been rewritten to include more recent examples
  • Added: The proper way to review the client intake forms for completion (a great time saver)
  • Added: The problems using Rapid Import features within your bankruptcy software
  • Added: How to do online court records searches


Chapter 6: Preparation of the bankruptcy petition.  This chapter was totally revamped from the previous version.  Since that time, we have trained thousands of new students and worked on countless bankruptcy petitions.  This additional knowledge and insight was added to this chapter.


  • Samples of actual pleadings and bankruptcy notices so you can recognize the major ones used in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Samples of actual customer letters that your attorney may wish to use for clients
  • Samples of actual marketing letters that have been successful for other virtual bankruptcy assistants


  • A brand new section of 100s of web links to save you money, including vendor contacts specifically utilized by the author in the establishment of her own virtual bankruptcy assistant service
  • How to use PDF versions of federal forms and save money purchasing forms from the software companies
  • Tips for virtual bankruptcy assistants starting their first service business
  • How the virtual bankruptcy assistant field has expended and what the future holds for you


Other marketing options, including social marketing has now made marketing FREE or very low-cost.  These options were not available when the previous version of this book was written.  Therefore, a new Chapter 8 was added that contains all the up-to-date marketing techniques available today with links to everything you need to use right away.

Why would a bankruptcy attorney hire a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant?

  • Utilizing VBAs, debtor bankruptcy attorneys can increase their currently hourly fee by 400%.
  • Because VBAs work from their home office with fewer interruptions, they usually have more time to provide attorneys with a higher level of detail that saves law firms thousands of dollars as well as mistakes that grow into huge problems!
  • VBAs aide in the reduction of workload for paralegals and other law office personnel working onsite for the attorney.
  • Unlike a salaried employee, if the attorney is not happy with the work a VBA provides, they do not pay the invoice. This will immediately reduce problems for law firms who seem to have continuous internal employee issues.
  • VBAs are paid like any other vendor. They never share fees and work under the sole discretion of the attorney just like the office staff.
  • Save the high cost of investing into software programs. VBAs have already made the investment and can export files in PDF format for cross-platform review.
  • plus much, much, more.

Attention Attorneys and Paralegals!

The information contained in How to Start a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Service is a great tool to increase the skills of paralegals and other legal staff employed at bankruptcy law firms. In addition, attorneys have used the training material in this book to set up their own bankruptcy practice. This information is NOT taught in any law school or paralegal training course. If you are an attorney and wish to purchase multiple copies for your entire staff, call our office at 1-800-535-9984 for quantity pricing.

2. "How to Draft a Bankruptcy Petition" Training Videos (Complete Computer Video Training Package)

248 Pages. Updated to Comply with NEW Bankruptcy Reform. Available in printed and ebook formats

The Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Training Workbook is the NUMBER ONE training manual for bankruptcy attorneys, their staff and virtual bankruptcy assistants. Simply input the information from the completed Client Intake Forms. Print out the bankruptcy petition. Compare it with the finished version in the workbook. Immediately recognize your problem areas.

These materials are NOT available from any other source! It was developed by a bankruptcy paralegal with many years of experience and is filled with the best information you can buy in the training of well-detailed and accurate bankruptcy petitions. This book is a must for anyone who works for bankruptcy attorneys - including bankruptcy attorneys who prepare their own petitions.

The Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Training Workbook is filled with page after page of:

  • Self-tests with complete and informative answers!
  • Insider tips for all the Client Intake Forms to increase your skills dramatically!
  • Completed bankruptcy petition so you can check it against your version and immediately recognize problem areas!
  • Lots of space to write notes on every page!

3. Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Workbook (E-Book)

"How to Draft a Bankruptcy Petition"

10 Video Set
Length: Over 9 hours

This entire 10-video collection contains the following:

  1. Training Video No 1 - Voluntary Petition - 30 minutes
  2. Training Video No 2 - Schedule A - 39 minutes
  3. Training Video No 3 - Schedule B - 56 minutes
  4. Training Video No 4 - Schedules C, D and E - 30 minutes
  5. Training Video No 5 - Schedule F - 45 minutes
  6. Training Video No 6 - Schedules G and H - 38 minutes
  7. Training Video No 7 - Schedules I and J - DVD - 1 hour, 33 minutes
  8. Training Video No 8 - Statement of Affairs - 2 hours
  9. Training Video No 9 - All Remaining Schedules and Forms - 45 minutes
  10. Training Video No 10 - The Means Test - 1 hour

Additional Information:

These videos are digitally produced directly on the computer screen. We walk you through every Form and Schedule of the bankruptcy petition. You can follow along with every mouse movement and accelerate your learning curve in developing your skill in drafting bankruptcy petitions. This skill is now in great demand due to the recent changes in the bankruptcy law. In fact, many attorneys are still finding it difficult to keep up with all the form changes. But when you learn this skill, you will never be out of work because law firms need people skilled in drafting bankruptcy petitions in order for their law practice to thrive.

Proprietary Information

Currently, these videos are the ONLY training videos available in teaching the skill of drafting bankruptcy petitions. To prevent fraudulent duplication of our unique training products, these videos are sold on a No Refund/No Return basis. 


The material provided in these training videos are for training purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. These products are only sold to attorneys, paralegals and virtual bankruptcy assistants working under the direction of attorneys. They are not sold to the general public for pro se filing.

4. Bankruptcy Petition Case Training Collection


This CD collection contains ACTUAL bankruptcy cases that you can research and follow on PACER.  Each case file contains (1) client intake forms; (2) attorney cover sheet; (3) notes and emails pertaining to relevant points within the case; (4) the actual software file so you can follow the progression from beginning to end; (5) pay advices; (6) credit counseling certificates; and much more.

The ten (10) cases included in this collection will train you in a variety of skills as you will see below:

Case No. 1
This case is a very simple Chapter 7.  Joshua is a young man with little income. The only problem with this petition is a couple of small assets that you will encounter on Schedule B.  Therefore, this case is perfect for the beginner to practice with.

Case No. 2
This is another excellent case for beginners to practice with.  It is a standard Chapter 7 with few assets and very few problem situations.

Case No. 3
This is an excellent case to help introduce you to fraud.  After I had done the initial input on this petition I discovered the client was hiding several assets and the attorney asked me to overlook items that I needed clarification on.  Due to these problems I stopped working on the case immediately.  Later I found that the California Bar Association had filed charges against the attorney but I do not know the outcome.

Case No. 4
This case will introduce you to how IRS taxes are treated in a Chapter 7 case for a client filing under federal exemptions.  You also will learn the reason this case has not been filed yet; the client owes the IRS almost a quarter of a million dollars.  In this case, the attorney is negotiating with the IRS before the petition is filed.

Case No. 5
This case is currently delayed due to the excessive amount of inventory the debtor has in his business.  This case may be filed by the time you purchase this collection so check the Eastern District of New York on PACER to follow the case.  This is an excellent case to show you how unexempt equity can cause devastating problems for debtors.

Case No. 6
This is a typical business case that starts off easy but turns into a catastrophe.  This debtor thought he could quickly file a Chapter 7 and dismiss his debts.  But he continually refused to provide the attorney with verifiable income records for his business.  Once we started digging around and asking questions, he decided to not file his case and never returned to the attorney’s office.

Case No. 7
This is a standard Chapter 7 bankruptcy case but with one twist: the motor vehicle could be eligible for a strip down so that the debtor can save $7,000. Since this is a Chapter 7 I was unable to propose a cram down inside the petition.  If this would have been a Chapter 13, there would have been no problem.  However, in a Chapter 7, the process is treated a little differently and this case will teach you the skill so you may be able to save clients thousands of dollars on future petitions that you do.

Case No. 8
This is a Chapter 7 that was originally drafted by non-experienced legal assistants working for a bankruptcy attorney.  You will find in my notes the many different problems occurred with this petition and you will be able to document the changes throughout the petition process.  This case will demonstrate exactly how poor quality work at law firms can cost you a great deal of time.  Working with your attorneys to develop a smooth routine where work flows at maximum efficiency require making mistakes and making adjustments.  However, once you have achieved the right mix; both the attorney and VBA will enjoy healthy incomes.

Case No. 9
This case will point out the specific errors the attorney made so that you can apply the same reasoning to future bankruptcy cases that you work on.

Case No. 10
Compare both files included in this case and cross-reference with my notes to understand how this Chapter 13 was put together.  This case will also teach you a great deal about Chapter 13s which will advance your skills to the next level.

5. How to Market a Virtual Bankruptcy Business (Ebook)

If you forgot to market your business, or you don't know where to start, this eBook will solve your problem.

How to Market Your Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Business contains 45 pages of the best marketing information specifically for a virtual bankruptcy assistant business available today. Here are some of the things you will learn:

  • The 3 main reasons people do not market their VBA business are because; (1) they are too scared to approach an attorney; (2) they lack confidence in their knowledge and therefore are afraid the attorney will ask them a question they may not be able to answer, and (3) they do not feel they can get work because they have no experience. How to Market Your Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Business will address each of those concerns in great detail and teach you how to solve all of them.
  • Steps and techniques you can use immediately to confront any fears you have that will not cost you a penny.
  • How to quickly and easily find answers to questions an attorney may ask you so you do not appear inexperienced.
  • Sample conversations you may have with attorneys so you will feel more confident in talking their language.
  • Steps in putting together a professional Portfolio Package so it will sell your VBA services for you.
  • How to show an attorney how much money they will make using your services. This approach alone with help you to walk out of the door with petition work in your hands and money in your pocket.
  • Sample letters for marketing by mail order or on the internet.
  • How to show an attorney the benefit of how your VBA services can save their law firm time. Besides, time is money; and this gets their attention immediately.
  • How to differentiate between different bankruptcy attorneys and where to locate them.
  • How to do a little research to define your target market on the internet. Learning this skill will save you time and bring money in the door faster.
  • How to handle yourself and the situation when meeting an attorney face-to-face. Actually, you have a better advantage meeting them in person compared to sending them a letter or brochure through the mail.
  • How to properly market to an attorney by phone. How to talk and respond to their office staff so you have a better chance of talking directly to the attorney and much more.
  • Marketing analysis of a sample cover letter broken down paragraph by paragraph. This information is worth more than the price of the book alone.
  • How to write and properly use a Press Release as well as links to online services that are free to promote your Press Release.
  • ...and much, much more.

This information is presented in an easy to read and understand format that you can learn from regardless of your marketing experience. She has personally used all of these techniques herself, taught them to others and people have succeeded in building their VBA business using these same methods. If they can do it, you can also!

 *Our videos are made using BestCase bankruptcy software, we do not endorse BestCase or any other bankruptcy software, it is used only for a reference during the training.  We Do Not train on how to use any bankruptcy software and the current versions of any bankruptcy software may be different from those used in our videos.*

WARNING: This information is not to be used by non-attorneys to prepare bankruptcy petitions for the general public. The information is solely intended to train legal professionals working under the direction of licensed bankruptcy attorneys.

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