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How to Boost Your VBA Income


When contemplating how to boost your VBA income, consider what it is about the traditional VBA service that is valuable to the attorneys you do petition preparation for.

As you know, Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants save their attorneys hours and hours of time per petition, and make them more profitable, by allowing them to hire your when needed, as opposed to hiring full-time staff, or distracting the full-time staff from hiring priority or more higher income producing tasks.

This same principle applies to other tasks related to the life-cycle of a bankruptcy case that extends beyond just the petition itself.

Below is a sample of other services you could offer, and raise your typical VBA fee to include:

  • Pre-Petition Document Collection – Contacting the attorney’s clients to gather the documents needed to draft the bankruptcy petition (e.g., client intake form, pay stubs, credit counseling certificate)
  • Electronic Filing (ECF) – File the petition electronically for the attorney
  • 341 Notification – Notify the client of their 341, including a description of what it is, what to expect, what to bring, and where it is being held.  Remind them of the meeting a few days before the meeting is scheduled to take place
  • Post-Petition Document Collection – Follow-up with the client after filing to get their personal financial management (post-filing credit counseling) certificate, and electronically file it
  • Amendments – Should amendments be needed to the petition, you can do these for the attorney
  • Manage Creditor Service Notification – Certain changes or additions (amendments) to a petition may require service or notification to the creditors of the case via U.S. Mail.  You could offer to handle this for the attorney
  • Redaction Services – If taxes or pay stubs are filed with the case in your attorney’s jurisdiction, they will need to be redacted, which is “blacking out” personal information such as social security numbers, names of minors, bank account and routing numbers, etc.  You could offer to do this for your attorney before these documents are filed with the court

These tasks do not require an attorney to do them, and many attorneys would be more than happy to remove such tasks from their own “to-do” list, and pay their VBA to do them for him/her, which you should charge them for your time to do.

Put yourself in your attorney’s position, and ask yourself “What could I pay my VBA do for me that would save me time or make me more profitable?”, and you will undoubtedly come up with several more ideas on how to boost your VBA income.

Wishing you the best.


-The 713 Training Team

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