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A Single Mother's Perspective on the Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Business


This past week, I had the pleasure of doing some personalized training with Jennifer Tharp of Palm Coast, Florida.

Jennifer has been in business for herself for about 6 years as a notary signing agent, and is expanding into bankruptcy so that she can work from home, as she is a single mother of three.

Jennifer told me that being able to work from home as a virtual bankruptcy assistant will be a great blessing to her family, as it will give her more time with her kids, instead of being away from them so much, meeting with people for loan closings, etc.

When we first met, what she needed most in getting her VBA business going, is confidence in knowing how to properly complete the forms and schedules in the bankruptcy petition, so we took care of this by having her enter a petition for a real case for an attorney that I work with, as I coached her through it, taught her various details, and answered her questions.

Because opportunities for personalized training are limited, the training I most often recommend for learning these skills, and obtaining confidence includes:

1. Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant (VBA) Book and Workbook Set

This book and workbook set walks you through each form and schedule, teaching you how to properly complete them, then gives you a sample case to try your skills at, and get some experience.

2. Bankruptcy Petition Case Training Collection

This product gives you a mix of REAL Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Cases to practice with, that when completed, allow you to compare your work against the real case filed with the court, by looking at the filed case in PACER (a good way to hone your PACER skills).

3. "How to Draft a Bankruptcy Petition" Training Videos - Complete 10-Video Package

This video set with over 9 hours of instructions actually SHOWS YOU how to enter client information into the forms and schedules.

Wherever you are at in your VBA career, 713Training has something to offer, to help you expand your knowledge, services, and ultimately, your income.

After her training, Jennifer had the following to say:

“I am so thankful and blessed for the opportunity to receive personalized VBA training . The training gave me confidence and a better understanding of how the bankruptcy business is run. The insight I got on how to do a petition is going to allow me to do a better job for the attorney’s I work for. I now feel I am ready to reach my goals as a VBA.”

I look forward to hearing of Jennifer’s success, as I know she will be.

Wishing you all the best.


713 Training Team


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