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Where is the “Catch” in the Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Business?


One of the services offered by 713Training.com is personalized one-on-one training with a dedicated instructor.

On April 9th, Michael Hastings of Denver, Colorado came out to Salt Lake City, Utah for this training.  Michael has been investigating the VBA industry for quite some time, and came out for training to finally decide if this is the right business opportunity for him.  Conclusion?  Read on.

First let me introduce you to Michael.

Michael has an A.S. Degree in Paralegal Studies from MTI College of Business and Technology, a B.A. from California State University, and a Masters' in Legal  Administration from the University of Denver.

He has 5 years of experience managing large Inbound Call Centers, 5 years of experience as a Corporate paralegal, and 2 years of experience as a Project Manager for a Legal software company.  On top of that, he does expansive volunteer work with the Denver Rescue Mission.

Throughout the day, Michael told of the extensive research he had done regarding the VBA industry, and on bankruptcy itself.  I was amazed at the level of detail that he has gone to in his research; for example, he had found out EXACTLY how many practicing attorneys there are in the U.S., how many of those practice in bankruptcy, how many are large firms vs. small firms, etc., which boiled down to the fact that 80% of all bankruptcy cases are filed by small firms…the firms that Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants market their services toThat’s a HUGE market.  I was personally further convinced that I am in the right business at the right time.

Michael is also attending a business class that covers business plan writing, so all of this research will go into his business plan.  I’m hoping that Michael will let me share his research with you through 713Training.com.

The thing that I found most interesting about our visit, is that as Michael described all of the levels of detail he has gone into researching the virtual bankruptcy assistant field, he said that he kept looking for “What was wrong with it”…the “Where is the catch?”; as he figured there must be some fault somewhere.  Instead though, Michael told me he couldn’t find anything wrong with the VBA field, and that his research proved it is a viable business.

The day that Michael was here, it just so happened that a 341 was happening for a case that I prepared the petition for, so I asked Michael if he would like to attend the 341, and see how this part of the business works.  He said that he would, so we hopped in my truck and drove downtown to where the 341’s are held.

When we got there, we met up with the attorney and the clients he was there to represent, and went in for roll call.

It just so happened that our case was first on the list for the hour, so everything happened pretty quickly, and Michael got to experience how the clients felt afterward, as the attorney visited with them, and reassured them that everything went well.

The clients then left, but the attorney stayed to visit and answer questions for another 10-15 minutes, which was really good of him to do.

By the end of the day, Michael said that he had gotten all of his questions answered, and had decided that he is definitely going to become a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant.

Because I find this business so rewarding both monetarily and personally, I was ecstatic to hear this, and look forward to Michael’s future success as a VBA, as I have no doubt that he will achieve great success.

Although Michael has a tremendous education, one of the great things about the VBA industry, is that you don’t need a degree, or even legal experience.

If you are a hard worker, reliable, have a desire to learn, and have good people skills, you’re halfway there.  Learning the petition drafting skills gets you the rest of the way there.

Making a good living working from home for attorneys isn’t just a dream. There is great demand for highly skilled VBA’s.  Won’t you come join us?

713 Training Team

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