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Legal Assistant Work

Legitimate Work Opportunities as a Legal Assistant. Set your own hours.  Get Certified Today.

courtmoneyicon.jpgStart your own business as a Bankruptcy Preparer, filing bankruptcy petitions for attorneys. Use Your Computer to do Legal Assistant work that pays a market average of $50-100 per hour*.  Being a bankruptcy preparer has never been more accessible. Our comprehensive training materials will give you a full disclosure on how to create proper bankruptcy preparer paperwork and become a self-driven bankruptcy preparer.  We provide the most reliable, fastest route to becoming a Bankruptcy paralegal.


Getting a certification to become a virtual paralegal assistant has many positive things that come with it. When somebody works hard and becomes a virtual assistant and gets their certification, they open the door to flexible hours and living the lifestyle they want while still getting paid good money. Often time people even work from home in this field of work, with a laptop and a cell phone people have been known to make a successful living from their home as a virtual paralegal assistant.












*7 / 13 Training Does Not Guarantee an hourly pay rate for legal assistant work. All work is done for attorneys that you establish relationships with.

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Enjoy an exciting business opportunity drafting Bankruptcy Petitions for Attorneys as a bankruptcy preparer. Most attorneys will pay you the market average $50-$100 per hour fee for being a bankruptcy preparer. You can be confident in your knowledge from 7/13 Training along with your ability to be successful and independent, whether as a supplement to your income or as your full-time income! As a bankruptcy preparer, you have the knowledge to launch a successful career. Start your career as a bankruptcy preparer today!


It is true that there is no guarantee of an hourly rate or yearly salary when getting your certification and becoming a virtual assistant or bankruptcy paralegal. In the past people have found much success in this line of work and with the ability to control their own hours and live their life as they please, they have enjoyed the work and the time dedicated to get them their certification was worth it. Getting your virtual assistant certification can be a wise decision for anyone that want to work from home as well make a respectable and good living.


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